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Fine Arts Students Perform Final "Exam"

It’s not quite the end of the year, but Grade 10 Girls Fine Arts class just completed their “final exam”. Over the term, the girls have been learning all about the art of performance, and what goes into the making of a full stage production. 
Their project was to use that knowledge to create a full production with minimal input from their teacher, Ms. Dawson, and manage everything, including casting, directing, performing, stage managing, and even light and sound direction. The girls produced an entertaining “dramedy” for their audience that told the story of several senior students’ struggle to accept themselves for who they really are, rather than who they present online. The play combined elements of comedic wordplay, a visual slideshow, and genuine raw emotion, inspiring the audience to question their own self-judgment in this modern age. A round of applause for these hardworking students and their diligent teacher.      

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