Pilgrimage to Vimy Ridge

After being selected as one of only two Nova Scotian students to receive the the 2019 Vimy Pilgrimage Award, senior student Katie Clyburne recently travelled with the Vimy Foundation to visit the grounds where Canadian soldiers fought some of the most monumental battles of WWI. 
After arriving in Brussels, Katie visited a village outside of the City of Ypres, and explored the Ypres Salient. She saw many incredible sites including the Christmas Truce memorial, the strategic battle point Hill 60, Passchendaele, the Menin gate, and the Brooding Soldier monument. From there, Katie made her way to France and visited the Beaumont-Hamel, Hill 70, and Vimy Ridge to participate in the 102nd anniversary of the Battle. While visiting Vimy Ridge, Katie had the incredible opportunity to explore the underground caves and tunnels around the Vimy region where the Canadian soldiers waited in reserve before the battle. It was an amazing experience that Katie won’t soon forget, and she’s thankful to have been able to see the historic setting where her great-great uncle fought in the 87th Battalion.  

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