Friendships, Flights, and Fun: Reviewing our Year of Sacred Heart Exchanges

Another year of exchange adventures has flown by, and our senior girls gathered together to share all the memories and the new friendships that were made.
In 2018-2019, there were 22 girls and one boy involved in our Global Network Exchange Program. We started the exchange year with one of our girls attending the “Faces of the Heart” summer program, which led her on an incredible journey through Nantes, Joigny, Amiens, and Paris, in France.

Throughout the year, we had six of our own girls visit Sacred Heart network schools in Bondues, and Nantes, France, and we were happy to host six girls from those network schools in return. One Fountain Academy student visited Nantes, and hosted a Nantes exchange student upon his return to Halifax. Three girls travelled to the United States to visit our network schools south of the border, and we were thrilled to host two girls girls from Princeton NJ, and another from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

Some students also discussed their experience as “Angels” for exchange visitors without a hosting SHSH student, and they thoroughly enjoyed their time learning about other cultures, while strengthening their language skills.

Our program is open to students from Grades 7-11, and there are all kinds of exchange opportunities available, including schools in Australia, Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Germany, Austria, and Ireland. If you’re interested in going on an exchange during the 2019-20 school year, or hosting an exchange student, apply any time to (GHS) or (FA).

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