An EGG-citing Way to Celebrate

In celebration of National Engineering Month, volunteers from Engineers Nova Scotia came to SHSH on March 28 to organize an Egg Drop Competition for our grade nine girls and boys.  Each team of three to four students was challenged to design a container for an egg which, when dropped from a height of 10 feet, would keep the egg intact. Each team was given a certain amount of “money” to use to purchase materials, and the project had to be completed within a certain period of time without going over budget.
The designs were creative, including containers with parachutes to slow the descent before impact, egg carton pieces attached to the structure to resemble a “bumble ball” and absorb shock, and even a styrofoam cup padded with cotton balls to form a soft nest. A few of them were successful, and on the other hand, there were quite a few broken yolks to clean up!  
The third-place team for the Egg Drop was: Katie Towler, Kayley Gregoire, Molly Dempsey and Julia O'Regan. Second place winners were: Omar Quraishi, Pengyu (Charlie) Zhang, Zac Barbara, and Evan Laurence. Our first place winners were: Ryan Smith, Sean Beland, and Will MacDonald, with the "most creative" award going to: Raghad AlGhamdi, Claire Rankin and Isabel Casey.

Many thanks to our engineers, Mae Seto, Marcel Lefrancois, and Allison Nolting for volunteering their time and sharing their expertise with our students.

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