Senior School Science Fair

Last week, we held our annual Grade 9 Science Fair, and our Study Hall became a hive of scientific discovery and exploration. From human-generated electricity, to light bulb efficiency, and even the effect of sleep supplements on neurons, our students tackled a plethora of scientific frontiers.  
After much deliberation, the judges have selected the students who will represent Sacred Heart at the Halifax Sci-Tech Expo; a Science Fair competition made of up Grades 7 to 12 students from schools in the HRM.

Congratulations to the following students:

Isabel Casey (Pruney Fingers and Grip Force)
Lareina Shen (Human Generated Electricity)
Claire Wilson-Dyment (The Effects of Different Ice Control Methods on Plant Life)
Anahita Hollenhorst (Composting Organic Materials - the Best Ratios)
Tallulah MacNeil (The Effect of Screen Time vs. Physical Activity on Memory)
Sasha Oreskovich (The Effect of Different Types of Yeast on Bread)
Julia Wright (The Effect of Sleep Supplements on Neurons)

Sean Beland (Cleaning Up Oil Spills)
Omar Quraishi (Homemade vs Commercial Ors)
Henry Forbes-Barrett (Can music impact work?)
Will MacDonald (How much energy is in your food?)
Jon Robichaud (Light Bulb Efficiency)
Ivan Lawen (Expiry Dates on Foods)
Liam Apold (Video Games and Academic Performance)

We’d like to thank all of the judges who graciously gave their time to discuss the students’ projects and share some of their own expertise. Kudos to all of our students on their hard work, and presenting themselves with such courage and confidence.

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