Big Provincial Debate Success!

Out of 18 teams attending the Junior High Provincial Debating Championship last weekend here at SHSH, one of our Fountain teams emerged victorious! Congratulations to Charlie Simms and Evan Laurence who won the competition.
Teams debated the resolution: This House believes that public funds should not be used to build stadiums for professional sports teams. Two of our other four Fountain teams also did well in the team competition; Max Mitchell and Aidan Eisan placed 4th, and Xander Biddulph and Malcolm Morrency placed 5th. Terrific individual results were also had - congratulations to Evan in 2nd place, Charlie in 4th, Aidan in 5th, Holly Jamieson in 8th and Xander in 9th. This tournament was the qualifier for Junior High Nationals. Twelve debaters were selected for Team Nova Scotia based on individual scores, school caps, and regional representation. Evan, Charlie, and Aidan qualified from Fountain Academy, while Holly and Cydney Carruthers qualified from Sacred Heart.

Thanks to the many parent judges who participated, our dedicated coaches, our many student volunteer moderators, and Eleanor Jamieson for feeding everyone. 

Congratulations again to our debaters on such a successful weekend; we'll be following along on your journey to the Nationals.

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