We shared a lot of love this Valentine's Day!

It was a very special Valentine's Day as we celebrated the community launch of our Dare to Be Capital Campaign by announcing we're at $5,550,000 of our $6M goal.
Many in the SHSH community joined us as we announced and thanked our top five donors: 

Susan and Jon Bekkers - $1,000,000
Margaret and David Fountain - $1,000,000
Patrick Power Trust - $750,000
Kim and Scott McCrea - $500,000
Amy and John Risley - $500,000

Thanks also to over 70 other donors, including an anonymous gift of $500,000, who have helped us get this far. 

The Dare to Be Campaign focuses on three key pillars - Learn, Access, and Campus - that will drive the School toward a new era of excellence. The Learn pillar will further focus the School’s differentiated pedagogy in terms of single-gender education and tailored learning, while Access will allow for enhanced bursary funding to further increase the School’s socio-economic diversity , and Campus brings more student-focused spaces to campus, like its new state-of-the-art playground and just-opened atrium that enhances campus unity across all three School divisions.

To learn more about the Campaign, including how to make a gift, please visit our Dare to Be website. 

A huge thank you to our Honorary Co-Chairs Margaret and David Fountain, our Campaign Co-Chairs Veronica Lawen, Lois Dyer Mann, and Rob Barbara, and Cabinet members Angela Surrette, Kim McCrea, and Anna Stuart, for generously giving their time, financial resources, and tremendous dedication to our School.  

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