A treasure-trove of literary delights for 7 lucky students!

On Tuesday, October 23, seven students with a keen interest in history were lucky enough to accompany our Librarian, Laurie Tarulli, to  King’s College Library for an intellectual treat!
After viewing Revolutionary War pottery from American Loyalists who fled to Canada, our students were taken on a tour of King’s Treasure Room - and lucky for them they didn’t even need a map! There, in the climate controlled rooms, they walked through stacks housing books and manuscripts, some that were centuries old. Some of the treasures our students were lucky enough to see included an Assyrian cuneiform tablet and cloth bag dating from 880 A.D., a collection of miniature hand-sewn and leather-bound books from the 1450’s-1600’s, a codex of North African psalms handwritten on parchment and bound with wood boards, a single leaf from a Medieval illuminated manuscript, and an example of a mass-produced book from 1481, which was leather-bound over wood. Thanks to Janet Hathaway, the King’s Librarian for hosting and for opening up this world of literary delights to our students, and to Ms. Tarulli!

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