Meet Your 2018-2019 ES Student Council!

The results are in! Through the process of democratic election, our grade 4-6 students have chosen their representatives for the 2018-2019 school year.
Grade 4-6 students stood in front of their classmates and spoke about why they’d make a great candidate, then students voted for who they thought would be best suited for the roles. Throughout the year, they’ll assist in the creation, planning, and execution of school events. This year’s ES student council consists of Co-Presidents Julie Nolan-McCarthy and Colin O'Neil, Secretary Nelanga Mtshali, Treasurer Maria MacDonald, and Class Representatives: Sophia Tugwell, Sophia Deane, Aine Heavey, Chora Deane, Chloe Lawen, Anya Culligan, and Peter Cormier. Thank you to all students who had the courage to run; we’re looking forward to great leadership from the ES team this year.

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