A Celebration of Love at the Opening Liturgy

With a theme of love and loving, Father Craig Cameron delivered an opening liturgy for the entire School that blessed our year ahead.
Using the analogy of scattered feathers to explain how words and gossip can spread quickly and can't be picked back up, Father Cameron encouraged our students to use the power of words for good; to help build up our community, not tear it down. The service was, as always, punctuated by beautiful music from our Senior Girls' choir, led by Ms. Bekkers, and our "house band" that included Mr. Tugwell and Ms. Jakeman. A number of our school leaders were involved in the Service, and Headmistress Wachter challenged the students to be courageous and confident in the limitless power of love. Our thanks to Father Cameron for sharing in this special tradition with all of us at SHSH. 


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