This girl can't be stopped!

Ruining Zhang recently placed in the top 6% in the WORLD after writing the Chemistry 13 News Exam hosted by Waterloo University.
This brilliant young woman has consistently impressed us during her time at SHSH and it’s hard for us not to gloat. For Ruining, it doesn’t stop with chemistry. During our recent graduation ceremony, Ruining was also recognized for her mathematical and computing skills after ranking in the top 25 of the Euclid Contest, a mathematics problem solving contest. She was also recognized for her excellence in French and math, receiving both the French Prize and Lubna Javed Award. To top it all off, Ruining received the Governor-General’s Medal for having the highest average in Grade 11 and 12 courses. We know that Ruining will continue to inspire us as she continues her educational journey. We can’t wait to see where she excels next – it’s certain to be impressive! Way to go Ruining!

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