Why do you use a wheelchair?

When Junior Primary Parent Gordie Publicover first came to school to pick up his son the children were fascinated by his mode of transportation, "Why do you use a wheelchair?" they'd ask.
His son's friends were amazed when Cooper hopped up onto his dad's lap for a quick ride down the corridor. They thought that was pretty cool! This afternoon Gordie spent time with our youngest students telling his story and answering all their questions. (His injury occurred when he was 14 and dove off a wharf into shallow water; he played for three years on Team Canada's wheelchair rugby team)  Cooper's mum brought two children's sport wheelchairs from the IWK and the students had a blast learning how to manoeuver these fancy feats of engineering around an obstacle course in our lunchroom. "I liked it" said one young boy, "It was hard work, and that chair was out of control!"

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