The global adventures of Flat Philippine

To celebrate the bicentennial of Saint Rose Philippine Duchesne's arrival in North America, Sacred Heart schools around the world have created their own version of Flat Stanley - Flat Philippine!   
Our Grade 3's took a special interest in Flat Philippine this year and made it their mission to ensure she travelled near and far, including to places like Ottawa, Winnipeg, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Nigeria. One Flat Philippine even made it around the world 10 times! Along the way, Flat Philippine met some very important people in the lives of our Grade 3's - from grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, to friends, teachers and classmates. She also visited museums, ate a huge variety of food, and even caught a few hockey games! Our Grade 3's did a wonderful job showcasing Flat Philippine's adventures. The enthusiasm with which they took on this special project was inspiring; well done.

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