Look at all we’ve accomplished!

 We have a lot to celebrate from the 2017/2018 school year. We recently recognized our students and their accomplishments at the annual Arts, Athletics, and Debate ceremony.
Your early mornings, hard work, and dedication have certainly paid off. Congratulations to all of our students, directors, and coaches on all of your achievements!

Please note that our Track and Field teams are still competing and awards will be announced at the end of the season.

Debate Awards 2017- 18

Sr. High Debating: Ailie Sullivan and Maddie Peet
Jr. Girls’ Debating: Amelia Wallworth and Julia Wright
Jr. Boys’ Debating: Eamon Roach and Cullen Roach
Arts Awards 2017- 18

Musical Service Award: Cameron Barrett
Director's award (Best actor - Drama): Mitchell Reardon
Producer’s award (MVP - Drama): Angus Wilson
Director's award (Outstanding Stage Manager- Musical): Lukas Willsie
Producer’s award (MVP - Musical): Abigail Sinclair
Jazz Ensemble Award: Gillian MacLean
Jazz Ensemble Director’s Award: Molly Robertson
Sr. Concert Band Award: Jingjing Nie
Sr. Band Director’s Awards: David Sapp and Elizabeth Carter
Int. Concert Band Award: Eric McFetridge
Int. Band Director’s Awards: Rory Clyburne and Daniel Carter
Sports Awards 2017 – 18
Junior Soccer
MVP: Talia Friesen
Coach’s Award: Claire Sheppard
Junior Athlete of the Year: Claire Sheppard
Senior Soccer
MVP: Sarah Howlett
Coach’s Award: Hannah Reardon
Senior Athlete of the Year: Maggie Smith
Junior X-Country
MVP: Claire Rankin
Coach’s Award: Rebecca Smyth
Senior Character Award: Sydney Hayden
Senior X-Country
MVP: Maggie Smith
Coach’s Award: Maddie Hebb
Junior Character Award: Sarah MacAskill
Senior Volleyball
MVP: Hannah Reardon
Coach’s Award: Maddie Hebb
Rookie Award (Jr.): Rebecca Smyth
Junior A Volleyball
MVP: Kristen Mawdsley
Coach’s Award: Olivia MacGowan
NSSAF Exemplary Athlete (Sr.): Meghan Beland
Junior B Vollyeball
MVP: Allyson Lightfoot
Coach’s Award: Kristen Hannah
NSSAF Good Sport Award (Jr.): Meghan Beland
Senior Basketball
MVP: Jenna Campbell
Coach’s Award: Sarah Howlett
Ron O’Flaherty (Sr.): Hannah Baillie
Junior A Basketball
MVP: Claire Rankin
Coach’s Award: Tallulah MacNeil
Ron O’Flaherty (Jr.): Sarah MacAskill
Senior Field Hockey
MVP: Emma Valardo
Coach’s Award: Juliana Murphy
Junior Soccer
MVP: Eoin Morrison
Coach’s Award: Cullen Roach
Junior Athlete of the Year: Lauchlan McDonough
Senior Soccer
MVP: Mitchell Reardon
Coach’s Award: Amir Mishreky
Senior Athlete of the Year: Mitchell Reardon
Junior X-Country
MVP: Lauchlan McDonough
Coach’s Award: Charlie Simms
Senior Character Award: Amir Mishreky
Senior X-Country
MVP: David Sapp
Coach’s Award: Mitchell Reardon
Junior Character Award: Eoin Morrison
Junior A Volleyball
MVP: Eamon Roach
Coach’s Award: Eoin Morrison
Rookie Award (Jr.): Liam Apold
Senior Basketball
MVP: Hugh MacAskill
Coach’s Award: Amir Mishreky
NSAFF Exemplary Athlete (Sr.): David Sapp
Junior A Basketball
MVP: Simon Tector
Coach’s Award: Ben Childs
NSSAF Good Sport Award (Jr.): Matthew MacNeil
MVP: Matthew MacNeil
Coach’s Award: James Gerard
Ron O’Flaherty (Jr.): Simon Tector
Junior Badminton
MVP: Sean Beland
Coach’s Award: Omar Quraishi

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