Senior School GSA Day

Sacred Heart’s GSA Club was established in 2017, and its name, which stands for Gender and Sexuality Awareness, was intentionally chosen to promote inclusivity. The GSA brings our community together in a safe, positive, loving, and non-judgemental way, and provides opportunities for people of diverse sexualities, gender expressions, and gender identities to express their individualities and experiences. Our motto, created by our students, is “Get educated, Stay woke, And keep an open mind.” 

This is our annual fundraising day in support of Rainbow Refugees Association of Nova Scotia, a not-for-profit organization which supports LGBTQI asylum seekers wishing to relocate here. To help with our day’s $1,200 fundraising goal, we will host a $2 Colour Day (each grade is asked to dress in a particular colour of the rainbow - Grade 7 [purple], Grade 8 [blue], Grade 9 [green], Grade 10 [yellow], Grade 11 [orange], Grade 12 [red], and Faculty and Staff [pink]) and a by-donation bake sale at lunch on February 20th. As part of the day’s activities, members of the Nova Scotia Youth Project will speak during lunch, and we will be screening a movie after school in the Study Hall chosen by our GSA. 

5820 Spring Garden Rd
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3H 1X8
(902) 422-4459