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Give us all the hearts

Renée Fournier
Our School recently launched the public portion of its Dare to Be Capital Campaign. It happened on Valentine’s Day, and we went out of our way to talk about how much love has been shared by our community.

You would think that at Sacred Heart, we would have had enough of the heart symbolism. But no, we embraced Valentine’s Day in all it’s pink-papered, red-hearted glory. And while we know some people love Valentine’s Day we also know a good many who hate it. But, we think any day that reminds us life is really about love is a good day. Love makes the world go ‘round after all.
We’re not afraid to talk about love here; it’s one of the great things about this School. We love each other. We hug each other. And, we genuinely believe love and education go hand-in-hand.

Love manifests itself here in many ways.

One of our teachers has just reached out to our staff and faculty to find ways, not just monetarily, to support a Syrian family who has tragically just lost seven children in a house fire. It’s mind-boggling to comprehend how shattered their life must be; how unjust and how devastating this is. Our reaction, as a collective, is to show this family love; because at a time like this, it’s all we can do.

At a recent author visit, a poet encouraged a class of high school boys to write and read their own poetry. A brave boy, or perhaps more suitably, young man, wrote rather eloquently about how lonely he was. He cried. His teachers cried. Perhaps some of the other boys cried silent tears. The fact that he felt comfortable enough in a circle of teenage boys, in a school setting, to share this very profound emotion is in its own way a manifestation of love.

In this New York Times article titled “Students Learn From People They Love”, educator David Brooks writes: “...a key job of a school is to give students new things to love — an exciting field of study, new friends. It reminded us that what teachers really teach is themselves — their contagious passion for their subjects and students. It reminded us that children learn from people they love, and that love in this context means willing the good of another, and offering active care for the whole person.” It is an extension of what our Headmistress, Sr. Wachter, has prescribed for years - our teachers are the “heart” of our School because they don’t just educate our children, they care for our children - it’s not just about the brains of our students, it’s about their heart and their soul. And, that loving relationship between teacher and student is paramount to what we do and why we do it.

In today’s digital society, there’s not nearly as much personal interaction as there once was. People don’t share emotion as readily as they did. Love is not professed or expressed in demonstrative ways. At many schools, kids can’t even hug each other anymore. What kind of a message is that? That’s why we embrace Valentine’s Day. Give us candy hearts, paper hearts, sacred hearts - we’ll take them all. We’ll revel in the glory of love day in and day out, and continue to share our contagious passion with our students, our families, and our community.

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